Little Rann of Kutch

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Little Rann of Kutch

About Destination :

Some places in the world are known for lush greenery, others for steep cliffs and snowy glaciers and others still for refreshing water lapping against hot beaches. But of all the landscapes in the world, harsh deserts are perhaps the one that fewest people have experienced. Believing it to be not as pleasant as other landscapes, many people miss out on the tremendous beauty found in deserts. Precisely because there are very few people, visiting deserts like the Little Rann of Kutch which gives a traveller the chance to ponder a world before there were so many of us around. Only after hours blanketed by the deep silences that fall on the salt flats in the middle of the day, when the only sound is the wind scraping along the sand, can you appreciate the sounds that emerge in the evening, the birds singing, insects chirping and the scuffle of small animals rustling in the brush. Only after looking out at the unending flats do you appreciate the greenery and rich wildlife that congregates on the beyts or islands that rise up out of the Rann. And only after getting to know the desert do you begin to understand a secret, that the beauty of life lies hidden in even the most seemingly desolate of places. The Wild Ass Sanctuary of the Little Rann of Kutch, spreading across nearly 5000 square kilometers of the Little Rann, is the only place on earth where the endangered Indian Wild Ass, known locally as the Ghudkhar, still lives. The only other two subspecies of wild asses live in the high arid plateaus of Tibet, making this the most accessible place to visit wild asses in their natural environs.

But the Sanctuary is home to far more than just the wild ass. Among the other species of mammals are the Chinkaras, Desert foxs , Jackals, Blue Bulls

Because of the Sanctuary's proximity to the Gulf of Kutch and its location on the migration routes of many bird species, it is a very important site for birds to feed and breed in. Every year, thousands of birds nest in the reserve. The Ceraneous vulture comes from Egypt, the Common and Demoiselle cranes arrive from Siberia, the blue-tailed bee-eater visits from Europe, and the rare Houbara bustards can be also spotted here. Other birds include Sandgrouses, Desert wheatears, Hoopoe Larks, White-cheecked bulbul, Indian coursers, Shrikes, Ducks, Geese, Godwits, Stints, Sandpipers, Shanks, Moorhens, Saras cranes, Lesser and Greater Flamingos, and Pelican.

Tour Attractions

  • Land of Flamingos ( Breeding Grounds )
  • Behold the Asian Wild Ass, Neelgai of Rann
  • Vivid species of Raptors along with Nightjars as centre of attraction.
  • Stay in Rann ( Zainabad ) in private hotel owned by Prince of Zainabad.
  • Birding Sessions with our Experts
  • Visit to Thol Bird Sanctuary.
  • Getting introduced to Gujarati Culture & tasting the local Gujarati Food.

Tour Itinerary

    Day 1 :
    Depart for Ahmedabad from Pune Railway Station.
    Day 2 :
    Early Morning Arrival at Ahmedabad. Orientation at Zainabad. Stay at Rann
    Day 3 :
    Explore Rann… Visit to Naya Talab, Creek…Birding Special Areas.
    Day 4 :
    Morning Safari after safari start for Ahmedabad, Board Railway for Pune at 10.30 p.m
    Day 5 :
    Morning Arrival in Pune.

Cost Includes

  • Includes Pune- Pune travel via 3 tier A/C, 2 nights-3 days stay at lrk,Accommodation Charges. All meals during stay, 4 safaris, GST.

Cost Excludes

  • Excludes food during travels. Any other expenses not included in Inclusions list.